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Cluey Learning Platform

Cluey Learning Platform

As one of the first hires and the sole product designer, I helped Cluey Learning in the early stages of forming and building the business to design and develop their flagship product, which is their learning platform. Working with a small team, we made our MVP in less than six months and successfully brought it to market; the design process and competence of the group was instrumental in our ability to do this.

Cluey Session Monitoring

The Customer Care team at Cluey Learning manages and monitors a high volume of learning sessions each day intending to ensure every one of them start on time and run smoothly. The team was using a cobbled-together dashboard in addition to spreadsheets to manage sessions. I designed a platform for the team to efficiently manage sessions, saving the team time, and making it a little easier for team members to do their job effectively.

Cluey Session Rescheduling

To build out more control over allowing customers to manage their sessions, without having to call the Customer Care Team at Cluey Learning, I helped design the first feature as part of a platform that allows customers to reschedule or cancel a learning session. Working with a small team, I led the design of the new platform and worked with developers to build and launch the platform in five weeks.

Visa Application Redesign

I worked directly with the business owner of OdysseyPass to redesign their existing and comprehensive Visa application process from scratch. I managed the project and guided OdysseyPass along the way to redesign the application process, which was heavily form-based while including responsive design.