About Jess 👋

Jess has been working in the digital design and product space for over ten years.


She’s worked in boutique technology firms in New York City, most notably for Lab49, where she was part of various teams that designed complex, bespoke front-end trading applications for major banks.

Jess honed her product-building skills and process through working for herself for almost six years in New York City. She worked with individuals and startups who were building new products or features or redesigning a piece of enterprise software. Customizing her design process for the particulars of each client, she guided small teams through projects from start to finish.

Although somewhat stubborn by nature, Jess prides herself on her flexible thinking and sees her job as a facilitator that can consider all the different points of view.

When it comes to working with people, she values inclusivity, transparency, and honesty.

Work history

Jess is an American currently working and living in Sydney, Australia after working in New York City for eleven years. She grew up in Maine and has also lived in Boston and Philadelphia.

Jonathan Nolis—Director of Insights & Analytics at Lenati, 2016

Jess did a great job taking my team from having a raw idea for a product to having a fully fleshed out and functional user interface. She took the time to understand what our core business problems were and iterated through an increasingly detailed set of designs until we had a final product.

Personal projects

Being an avid creator, Jess is almost always working on a side project.

This allows her the freedom and space to try new things and bring those learnings back to work she does professionally.

Her first project was a real-time food truck tracker for the city of New York. She worked with a friend and colleague at the time to create a service that extracted exact, real-time locations of food trucks from their tweets and placed them on a map.

The Web service launched in May of 2010, and in the following year, they released apps for iPhone and Android. Over time almost 100k people downloaded the mobile apps. A significant learning from this project revealed just how hard it is to get people to discover your app and the importance of content marketing (and marketing in general) and PR.

↓ Below: A side project, Tweat.it - a real-time food truck map in New York City

Tweat.it food truck tracker

Jess also created a SaaS product that helps companies manage room bookings. She and her co-founder created and sold the product, which included fielding customer emails, sales inquiries, and doing product demos. A significant learning from this project revealed the importance of a proper sales team and sales infrastructure.

Cluey Session Monitoring

Most randomly, Jess and a partner created an ice cream company that ran from 2011—2017, although Jess left the company in 2015. The company grew to make 12 flavors that were stocked in 2,500 stores in 40 states across the United States.

UI Goodies

Currently, Jess runs UI Goodies, a site that organizes the best design resources in one place. On UI Goodies, you can browse over 300 resources across 13 categories. Jess also writes Guides to help you find the best resources for your particular needs and hosts writers on the UI Goodies blog; she also interviews designers for the UI Goodies Instagram account.

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About this site

Jess coded this Website using the Tachyons front-end CSS framework. She also used Placeit and Mockuuups to create design mockup images, TinyPNG for image compression and Adobe Typekit for font integration.