Some History

I spent almost my entire professional career in New York City. Over that time I worked full-time for two tech companies and and for almost six years I worked on my own as an individual contractor, primarily for New York-based startup companies. I’m currently in beautiful Sydney, Australia exploring opportunities.

➾ Full-Time Work

Over the course of four years I worked at two technology companies in NYC. At the first, Arc90 (now Postlight) (2007-2009) I worked direclty with our clients spearheading digital product design projects. At Lab49 (2009-2011) , I helped to design and build custom, front-end trading applications, for major banks. This was some of the most interesting work I've ever done due to the complex nature of the interfaces and the fact that I got to spend time on the trading floor observing and talking to users.

➾ Independent Contracting

For over six years (20011-2016) I worked as an individual contractor for startups in New York. I worked directly with a small team within the company, typically comprised of the CEO, CTO and other stakeholders from marketing and the product team. Being an individual contractor I scoped the work, wrote proposals and ran the projects and executed on design work from idea up to the coding of the product. For more information on my work history visit LinkedIn.


Personal Projects

I’m a huge fan of side projects as they’re not only fun but a great way to learn. These are a few side projects that I’m really proud of. ➟

  • Free

Tweat.It is New York City’s ony real-time food truck map. Contrary to what you might think, there’s no hardware or GPS trackng involved; in fact, trucks do not even need to participate. We use our custom built in-house mojo to read, identify and parse truck locations based on their tweets. Design is a bit out of date, please don’t judge! Built with Joel ➟

  • Free

Warble is a free, daily email alerts engine for Twitter and allows you to track keywords, phrases, #hashtags, @mentions and more! Warble is especially useful for brand tracking and competitive analysis. With 10 thousand alert emails sent everyday, Warble helps people track anything on Twitter. Warble is free to use and easy to setup. Built with Rich

Get a Room ➟

  • Paid

Get a Room Conference Room Booking is a full fledged conference room booking management platform and includes useful features like catering, resource allocation and management, room billing and tablet displays. Companies and co-working spaces use it to allow their employees and members to book rooms. Built with Rich

Values & Philosophies

✭ Employ Balanced Teams Employing balanced teams is one of the things that creates an environment for product success. A balanced team is a small team with a complimentary but divergent set of skills. This allows a team to move quickly and make good product decisions with a high degree of integrity.
✭ Share Knowledge As professionals who have spent a long time practicing our craft, we have a responsibility to share our knowledge with those that share our practice but more importanty, with people that don’t! Sharing knowledge not only helps people understand what you do, but it also increases the collective intelligence of the group or company, making it stronger.
✭ Be Kind & Respectful It goes without saying that you should be kind to those around you. When it comes to innovation, a baseline requirement is feeling like you’re in safe environment and won’t be ridiculed for the thoughts and ideas you share. Kindness is contagious and goes a long way in making work a place you want to go everyday.
✭ Collaborate Collaborate breeds success. When we collaborate we: come up with better ideas than we could alone, build up each other’s self confidence, bond as a team and create business value that didn’t exist before.
✭ Freedom in Solutions Teams are motivated when they are free to solve a problem the best way they see fit. When it comes to defining business objectives, I believe a great approach is to define the problem(s) to be solved and let the appropriate team members work on designing and proposing the best solution(s).

Work in progress, more coming soon!