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UI Goodies, a directory of resources for designers

UI Goodies is a directory of resources for designers spanning 300 resources across 15 categories. There’s also educational content, Guides, and Deals plus an Instagram account with exclusive content.

UI Goodies

About UI Goodies

UI Goodies is home to all the best resources for designers and includes 300 resources across 15 categories such as Icons, Typography, Photography, Illustrations, Color, Sound and more.

I created UI Goodies to share and make public my long list of design resource bookmarks.

I launched the first version of the site in June 2018 and I was lucky enough to get coverage from many well known design newsletters. That prompted me to continue with the project. I continued to add more resources to the site and launched a second version of UI Goodies in February of 2019.

UI Goodies design resource library

UI Goodies started as a directory and now it’s an educational resource.

UI Goodies started as just a directory of resources. Last last year, I grew the site and added a Blog, which features relevant industry articles from myself and other writers. Guides, which cover the best resources for specific use cases in a particular category of design. Deals, where designers can receive discounts on design tools and apps, and an Instagram page.

UI Goodies design resource library

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into the site, it has really changed my life!”
—Yokim, Twitter

Guides, find the best resources

I also write Guides, which summarizes the best resources for particular use cases in a specific category:

Exclusive content on Instagram

Find exclusive content such as interviews with designers and book recommendations and quotes on the UI Goodies Instagram.

UI Goodies design resource library

Designers can learn more about other designers through interviews published on Instagram.

People I interview share tips, which I publish on social media; if the designer is local, I’ll sometimes do custom photographs.

UI Goodies social media post
UI Goodies social media post

The UI Goodies Newsletter

I publish a newsletter to almost 2,000 people that promotes newly added resources, blog posts and Guides.

UI Goodies design resource library

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