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Tweat.it, food truck tracker for New York City

An application that tracks the location of food trucks in New York City, in real-time. For the Web as well as iPhone and Android.

Cluey Session Monitoring

About Tweat.it

Tweat.it is the first side project I ever made; it was made with my good friend Joel, who handled the development and engineering. We launched the Web app in 2011 and the next year launched an iPhone and Android app. At the time, food trucks were starting to explode in numbers all over New York City. There was no good way to see where a truck was at any given time.

Food trucks always posted their location on Twitter. We built a layer of technology to sit in between Twitter and Google Maps. We read and translated the locations of food trucks with near 100% accuracy and placed them on a map in real-time.

As food trucks tweeted their location each day, using our custom in-house tech mojo, we identified their precise location and pinned them on a map with nearly 100% accuracy.

Tweat.it food truck tracker

Users could click on a pinned food truck to see their latest tweet, link to their Twitter profile as well get directions to the truck’s location using native mobile app functionality.

Tweat.it food truck tracker

We shut Tweat.it down in 2018, but it’s by far still, my most favorite side project as it combined food, design, and software development, three of my most favorite things. ☻