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Jess Eddy UX Product Designer

Hey there

I’m Jess, a digital product designer from the USA, living and working in Sydney.

As a designer and problem solver, I’m not just interested in designing interfaces. I’m interested in designing systems, frameworks, processes and companies. Anything to help people and businesses operate better and more efficiently — in a way that makes people feel happy, appreciated, valued and empowered.

Currently I’m the lead product designer at Cluey Learning, an edTech startup in the CBD.

Educational Technology

Design philosophy

Good design is good business.

I think design should be highly functional and easy-to-understand, impactful and delightful. One of the central tenets I keep in mind when designing interfaces is: success in design is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. My design choices are driven by solving business problems and customer challenges, to add value to the user and revenue to the business.

How I work

We work better when we work together.

I’m highly collaborative and customer-service driven. My design process is based on honesty, transparency, and communication. I pride myself being able to get in sync with people to truly understand what they’re after, then design a process to meet the goals of the project.

I typically work in an agile environment on a small product team with developers and product manager(s). I'm interested in using design as a facilitation tool to help teams have better conversations and define requirements. I’m also a fan of getting to code as quickly as possible and in some cases before the design has fully commenced.

What i do

End-to-end product design.


Conceptualizing business ideas

Design of new products or apps

Product design vision


Digital product design (UX + UI)

Responsive design

Mobile design


Project planning and management

Stakeholder management


Design implementation

Collaborate with developers

A brief history of time and endeavours!

New York City

Most of my professional career took place in New York City.

In 2006 I got my start in an advertising agency where I designed Websites for large commercial brands. It was here that I developed a love for technology and sought to pivot to a more technical-focused design role.

I took a role at Arc90 (now Postlight). As a Lead Strategist where I worked directly with clients in a position that combined project management and design. From there, I went on to work in the finance industry at Lab49 where I designed custom, front-end trading applications for major banks in New York City.


It was here that I really fine-tuned my UX process.

I learned a lot from others and worked on high-stakes and very technical projects. At this time the startup scene in New York was starting to explode, and I was intensely drawn to it. I took all the skills I’d amassed up to that point and began my consulting career that would last for six years. I worked with a variety of startup clients helping them to test business ideas, design new applications and or features on top of their existing software. I had an amazing time!

Present day

In 2016 I moved to Australia where I worked at a startup as the Lead Product Designer focused on data governance, security, and privacy. Now I work at Cluey Learning and am helping grade 3-12 students learn in a collaborative, online learning environment.

Learning and experimenting through personal endeavours.

Side projects have always been a passion of mine. I find that they are a great way to learn and experiment. They have always provided value that I’ve been able to bring back to my professional work. My first publicly-released side project was a real-time food truck tracker that was released in 2010. People used this app to get real-time location data on all the food trucks in New York City.

Food truck tracker

I learned how important marketing and PR is when it comes to exposure. It took a lot of manual work to drive traffic to the site, but with a few lucky press pieces, traffic spiked dramatically, which helped but of course eventually subsided. This was a theme that I saw repeat itself with all my future side projects.

With the help of various partners, I went on to work on other side projects. One project was Warble, a free, once-a-day email alerts engine for Twitter which can be used to track keywords, phrases, #hashtags, @mentions and more.

Conference room booking

After this, I worked on a conference room booking platform, which eventually grew to generate a six-figure yearly profit. The goal with this project was to experiment with SaaS and try to build an app that could generate revenue. The growth was entirely organic, and I learned a lot of lessons around sales, customer acquisition and the limits of doing things manually while in the MVP phase.

My entry into ice cream and CPG

In 2010 a friend and I decided to start an ice cream company. Our goal was to create a brand of ice cream that focused on really unique flavors, made with high-quality ingredients. At the time, this was hard to find.

We started by going to Ice Cream University, a renowned course at Penn State. We spent several months doing R&D and working on a business plan. Before the beginning of 2011, we launched with five flavors.

Over the next several months we worked hard to get into stores in the New York City area. We went to stores with ice cream samples in tow. We manually built up a base of about 60 stores. Our first big break came when Whole Foods asked us to bring our product into 30 stores in the Northeast region.

Phin and Phebes ice cream

Fast forwarding: over the next several years, we grew to be in almost 2,000 stores across the country with a line of 12 flavors. Sadly, the company shut down in 2018. I learned too many lessons to cover here, but one major lesson I learned is about the importance of founder relationships and that having a great product alone is not enough; it takes (in this case) — a lot of money and a good amount of luck.

One major highlight was being selected by the Specialty Food Association for a Good Food Award. As a result, we received a free marketing campaign and were featured on a billboard in Times Square as well as on buses and subway advertisements. It was unreal and I’m really grateful for the experience.

Phin and Phebes ice cream
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