Work & Skills


I’m a UX Designer by trade but over the years, UX has become more of a tool that I use to help build businesses and technology products. Design is the output of a larger driving force, which is a product-building mentality, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit and the toolit and experience to execute on almost anything a business might need.

➾ Strategic Stuff I Do

  • Test business models and assumptions
  • Bring ideas to market in an efficient and lean way
  • Implement design-driven development methodologies
  • Help companies acheive product market fit

➾ Design Stuff I Do

  • Conceptual, interaction and visual design “full stack” design
  • Design minimum viable products
  • Pair with development teams to implement product design
  • Design experiements to help companies test hypotheses

Some Important Things


SketchApp is my primary digital design tool for sketch concepts, low to high-fidelity wireframes and visual designs. Depending on the task, I may use other tools like Invision or Marvel or Flinto for static prototypes.

Design For Outcomes

I like to take a goal oriented approach to designing and building products; specifically, understanding and solving for business and user goals and or any other desired outcomes that are important to the business.

Design Implementation

The quality of product design is of no value when if it isn’t implemented well. The only and best way I know of implementing design is to pair with the implementor — a developer. Pairing for the win!

Focus & Momentum

Inherently linked, focus and momentum are critical in progress. I believe teams and individuals should do whatever is necessary to attain and protect these qualities. When we move forward together we’re unstoppable.

☀ Client Testimonial

❝ Jess is fantastic to work with. It is difficult to express how much value she brought to the project. She took our rough ideas about UI/UX and improved them immensely. She completely immersed herself in understanding our philosophy and technical approach to paperless mail and became a complete member of the team. She brought great new design ideas to the project and equally importantly, stood her ground to prevent us from implementing some of our bad design ideas. In addition to great design ideas, Jess is very responsive and works quickly. Overall, working with Jess has been a great experience. ❞

— Jay Maller, Eco-Mail Development, LLC

Deliverable Samples

Sketch Concepts

Sketches are great for quickly producing concpetual layouts or ideas. They excel in being efficient, expedient and communactory. I often use sketch concepts early on in the design process in order to iterate fast and not spend too much time on perfection.


Wireframes! Probably what UX Designers are (unfortunately) best known for. ☻ What you usually don’t see in wireframes without the story are the design decisions and thinking derived from business goals, user needs, user research, internal and external stakeholder feedback, exisiting domain knowledge and more. Wireframes—in my point of view—are the brains of the product design operation. They include all the aforementioned and do the heavy lifitng of articulating what the product does, how people interact with it and what it looks like (without branidng or color). Wireframes vary wildiy in style, appearance and exection. My personal preference is that they are basically the real design, just without color (except for key actions and indicators). In my experience, this approach—in a product design environment—gets the best results and leaves little room for misinterpretation. To see exactly how precise they are, check out this simple visual.

Visual Design

When I’m working on a product design project, visual design is the last step in the process and is preceeded by a lot of work that makes this last step, basically—a piece of cake. When wireframes communicate the product design, it’s easy to take the time during the visual design step to put multiple options or themes together in order to cast a wide net and create something that works really well.