Balanced Teams Make the Best Teams

I work with balanced teams; teams of three to four people comprised of roles, which represent design, development and key stakeholder(s). I work with companies of all sizes but with small and medium teams where I can have significant impact on the product development process. In addition, I also work with individuals or small groups that have an idea for a business and looking to bring their idea to market in the most efficient way possible. I am highly collaborative! Here’s a blog post I wrote on fostering a collaborative design process. Interested in working together? Let’s connect! Email me.

Product Brainstorm

About the Process

The platform for the process is grounded in clearly understanding what problems your business solves as we set out to design solutions for customers and users. I get to know you, your business and your goals and aspirations. This level of understanding allows me to design a custom tailored plan of action based on your needs, goals and budget.

Interested in Working Together?

If you’re interested in working together please tell me: about your business, goals, any pertinent project details, what you know about your customers and any budgetary guidelines or constraints. I partner with individual developers, small development shops and branding designers to offer a full suite of services and soup to nuts software development. Email me.