What do you actually do anyway?

This is a question I get a lot! User Experience is a field that still requires some explanation. Especially on a personal level since different UX people have a different sets of skills and specialties that make them unique. Here I try to explain more in depth about what I do.

Comparing features across competitive products for project.

Design as a Business Tool

I consider myself someone who is good at building businesses using design as a tool to do so. What’s most important to me is outcomes and solving business goals and user needs through product design and technology.


Much of the time I am a facilitator, working with business stakeholders to understand what the business is trying to achieve; as well as working with customers to see how we can better meet their needs. Solving business goals and user needs through product design creates revenue, which is a key goal of every business.

From Chaos to Clarity

Building product is messy and I love it! I love to sit in the middle of the chaos and help teams to work together to be successful. Design is a useful tool for this as it allows us to visualise the future and have great conversations. Conversations about ideas that eventually turn into features.

Product Can Be a Jigsaw Puzzle

One of my specialities is bringing thoughts, ideas and requirements together in a way that sets a clear path. You know the meetings where there’s a million different ideas and opinions being tossed around and a huge indecipherable sketch on the whiteboard that looks like The Da Vinci Code. Synthesising that information in an artefact of some sort (low to high fidelity design for example) so the team can have the next conversaton and move forward is something I do well.

Collaboration With Key Stakeholders

I usually work very closely with the CTO and CEO, as well as many other stakeholders but since UX and product design is at the intersection of technology, the customer and the business—it usually makes sense for me to have a direct line to each person as a product manager would. I can also work in more traditional environments with product managers but do prefer to have a bigger impact on business and product strategy.

The final output of a project with many inputs to reach this outcome.

What went into this product design?

A static design doesn’t tell the whole story or what went into getting there.
Here’s an example, here’s what went into this design and here’s what it looked like before.

  • Working With Stakeholders to Understand the Business Goals + User Needs
  • Research Into the Competitive Space
  • Persona Development
  • Collaborative Design With the Client
  • Aesthetic Direction Exercise
  • Customer Interviews + Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes (Interaction Design)
  • Visual Design

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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”