Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler, Lead – Advanced Analytics, Promontory, Jan. 2016

“Jess did a great job taking my team from having a crude idea for a product to having a fully fleshed and functional out user interface. She took the time to understand what our core business problems were and iterated through an increasingly detailed set of designs until we had a final product. ”

Smitha Gopal

CEO, Eyemaginations, Nov. 2014

“During our working session, Jess guided all the project stakeholders through a series of brainstorming exercises. The exercises were short, fun, and low-stress, but they really helped us to clarify and articulate our goals for our new website. Many of the elements on our website were conceived during that process. ”

Tom Alexander

EVP Marketing Shodogg, Oct. 2013

“Jess helped us with UX/UI design during a couple key junctures. She jumps right in and asks insightful questions, keeps everyone on task (which isn't always easy) and applies a keen, user-oriented approach to her work. She is fun-natured but super-serious about results. ”

Stephen Leonard

Chief Marketing Officer at NopSec Inc., Oct. 2013

“NopSec is a technology company focused on helping businesses to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks. We worked with Jess Eddy to revamp and re-imagine the user experience for our B2B software-as-a-service. Jess solicited feedback from our existing customers and collaborated with internal teams spanning marketing, sales and engineering to deeply understand the design requirements. Jess was able to synthesize complex ideas into an elegant and functional interface. I would recommend Jess Eddy as a User Experience Consultant that understands business needs, delivers outstanding designs, and is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.”

Jay Maller

Eco-Mail Development, LLC, Aug. 2012

“Jess is fantastic to work with. It is difficult to express how much value she brought to the project. She took our rough ideas about UI/UX and imporved them immensely. She compeltely immersed herself in understanding our philosophy.”

Genna Douglass

Cheif Stategist & Co-Founder at Cozily, Inc., Apr. 2012

“Jess has devised effective processes for working through possibilities and determining themes and values. She’s insightful and intrepid in voicing her opinion, which is refreshing. She aims to genuinely strengthen and refine ideas so that she can give them a unique spirit.”

Rob Ross

CEO, Top Secret Project, September 2011

“Jess is a rockstar. I hired her to bring an idea from concept to reality and wow, what a great decision. Jess’ fluency in UX, information architecture is extraordinary. She grasps complex ideas and with a balance of art and science, she distills them into usable design. If you have the opportunity to work with Jess, take it.”

David Ambrose

VP of Business Development, Scoop St., Aug. 2011

“We brought on Jess to help us design our member referral system from the ground-up, including a fresh design that fit Scoop St. branding requirements but also a smart interface that would make sharing our deals as easy as possible. I can’t speak highly enough of Jess’ holistic approach to usability design, as it really showed on our referral system.”

David Lifson

CEO Postling, May 2010

“Jess is amazing. She has the product manager skills to build out great user experiences with barebones requirements, and yet applies a rigorous process with stakeholders to make sure everyone is involved and engaged. She was even able to suggest (and mockup) new features we hadn’t even thought of.”