Contact Tracing Mobile App

A contact tracing app design for a non-profit organization, Mutual Aid. Designed to be friendly and emphasis privacy in a somewhat stressful context.


I partnered with the non-profit organization, Mutual Aid, to help design a contact tracing mobile app based on their proprietary contact tracing technology.

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, Mutual Aid assembled a team of engineers to begin building a contact tracing app based on privacy, security and opt-in data sharing; I joined to design the mobile app.


We began by articulating the requirements and grouping them into the screens in which they might appear.

With an idea of the basic flows and underlying architecture in mind, we used a simple technique based on content scaffolding and listed the requirements on the screens they were likely to appear. This approach created a straightforward visual that we could review together and agree upon moving forward.


Given the timeline of the project, I jumped straight into high-fidelity conceptual wireframes.

At the time, organizations and companies building contact tracing technology were in a rush to do so for obvious reasons. I used the simple architecture and requirements we produced previously to create an initial set of high-fidelity concepts that we iterated on in two rounds. These concepts allowed us to see a working version of the app and quickly make changes.

One of the main goals of the app is to encourage people to report their status. I paid particular attention to this goal and offered a nudge to begin the report status process on the home screen, so it was easy to find and do.

↓ High-fidelity conceptual wireframe of the mobile app


Producing the high-fidelity visual designs; a friendly and seamless experience.

I moved on to producing visual designs. During this phase, one goal was to create an approachable, friendly, and seamless experience in a somewhat scary and anxiety-ridden context. The visual design included all flows, screens, and interactions and a working prototype that I used to click through each flow on the phone.

Jess Eddy is a product designer in Australia

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