About Me


Me teaching a 10-Week User Experience Immersive Course at General Assembly in New York City in 2015.

Why do I work in UX?

I work in UX in order to create products or experiences that enhance peoples’ lives in some way by allowing them to do something better or easier than they can today.

I’ve always been drawn to communication, people (what makes them tick) and fixing things are broken. I was lucky enough to find a career that contains these attributes and more. Like many people in User Experience, I didn’t intitially intend to have a career in this field. While going to school for journalism, I became interested in graphic design and later became very interested in technology, which led me to User Experience via digital product design.

I ♡ technology ✚ creating things and UX is like a blender that allows me to do it all.


Designing and building anything is a collaborative process and good ideas can come from anywhere. There are a few exceptions, but I don’t believe in the solo genius; no one does great things alone. How I work is together, with people — using the right tools and employing the right ativities at the right times to get great results.


By trade I design, help build and implement digital products but what User Experience is really great at — is being a business tool. Users are customers who use your software or digital products to interact with your company. Great user experience is good business. UX can make or break a company, let’s make one.

✘ Hobbies & Pursuits

I sort of started an ice cream company...

In 2011 I started experimenting with ice cream with my future business partner, Crista. We were making ice cream but at the time also noticed a gap in the market for really fun, adventerous but approachable ice cream made with none of the junk like corn syrup and stabilizers. One thing led to another and after some fairly rigorous testing and a stint at ice cream university we launched our company. I guess this is what happens when you’re not allowed sugar as a kid. Our ice cream is now sold nationwide in 3,500 stores. I left the company in 2015 to pursue other things and now focus full-time on UX.

Food, bikes, training, exploring...

I love to eat, cook and have recently taken up strength training afer reading this book. This book not only made sense of the gym for me but enlightened me to how having muscle can help prevent many diseases and ailments. Aside from just how good it feels to be strong. Highly recommend! Basketball and bikes are other passions; I love to ride bikes and I got into restoring 80’s BMX bikes a couple years ago. This is the first bike I restored, a 1985 Redline 500a. Restoring bikes is cool because you can make something new again and dress it up how you like. I love exploring and seeing new things and places.

✔ Apps & Content I Really Like